2019: Monumental Year for SeeTree!

December 1, 2019

What a year 2019 proved to be for SeeTree! This year is going in the books for many new beginnings for our technology, service, and last but not least- our illustrious ever-growing team which grew from 40, to over 70 extremely talented specialists including global experts in artificial intelligence and agronomy.

It all started on January 16, 2019, when we launched SeeTree after perfecting our product and service for 18 months in stealth mode. Here’s a quote from our press release:

SeeTree Officially Launched

SeeTree is launching today a new agritech service for permanent crop growers who are looking to gain deep insight into the health and productivity of each and every one of their trees.
The end-to-end service provides growers with intelligence on individual trees and tree clusters from the air, ground, and underground. Data extraction is performed using high-resolution, multi-dimensional sensing imagery obtained from drones, paired with ground sensors and rangers with boots-on-the-ground who acquire samples for further analysis.
Up until today, SeeTree has been developing its technology and service in stealth mode. During this time period, the Tel Aviv-based startup has partnered with some of the largest corporate clients around the globe, and opened additional offices in California and Brazil.

$15M in Funding from Leading Investors

In true SeeTree fashion, we didn’t just stop with the launch. We were also pleased to announce that we raised $15M in funding from leading investors in the field.

The Series A round of $11.5M was led by Hanaco Ventures, with the additional participation of the leading investors of the seed round, including Canaan Partners Israel and Uri Levine and his investors group, as well as iAngel and Mindset.

This was particularly impressive because all this was done while we were still in stealth mode. SeeTree managed to obtain significant funding during stealth mode due to the acceleration in adoption of its service by leading growers worldwide. The growers made note of how SeeTree’s end-to-end service disrupts precision agriculture, as the intelligence gathered by SeeTree provides insights on how to make better agronomy and business decisions to significantly increase profitability.

So. Much. Press!

Despite being such a niche B2B company, we opted to launch on ProductHunt because… well why not? We knew the tech community there would love learning all about how AI and Machine Learning technologies can be applied towards agriculture. While that may have been a bit of a risk, the great reward soon followed! We received over 170 upvotes (quite a big deal) and endless messages of support and enthusiasm.

Then the press coverage started rolling in. From around the WORLD! WE kid you not, this is just a snipped of the press we received solely from our launch:

  1. Forbes
  2. TechCrunch
  3. SlashGear
  4. CTech:
  5. Jerusalem Post
  6. The Marker
  7. AgFunder News
  8. Times of Israel
  9. Tech.eu
  10. Globes
  11. Geektime
  12. Calcalist
  13. GritDaily
  14. RocketNews
  15. NewPaper24
  16. News Locker
  17. The USA Times
  18. Tech News Tube
  19. Sitara News
  20. Consultants Insider
  21. iTechnology Updates
  22. Israel Trendolizer
  23. The PE Hub Network
  24. USA Science News
  25. Fresh Plaza
  26. Algeria-US
  27. News RND
  28. Newspapers2Day
  29. Parallel State
  30. Silicon Wadi
  31. Israel Noticias
  32. IT Business Week
  33. JForum
  34. Hi-News
  35. Istochnik

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