Farming Optimization

At SeeTree, everything we do helps farmers optimize everything their trees do.
From agronomic and business decisions, to the management of farming operations, SeeTree provides farmers with the most advanced data and intelligence network in Agtech.

Your Intelligence Network for Trees

SeeTree provides unprecedented visibility into the health records and productivity of any individual tree at any time, and over time. The result is a transformation of the way trees are managed, leading to a significant increase in profitability.

Agronomic Intelligence
Supercharged by AI

SeeTree harnesses the power of cutting-edge technology, including artificial intelligence, combining it with agronomic human intelligence, a synergy that facilitates accuracy and consistency.

Data Collection Campaigns

SeeTree provides a comprehensive service combining boots on the ground and high-resolution multi-dimensional sensing imagery utilizing drones, sensors and special vehicles to collect precise data.


"If your trees are under-performing, SeeTree’s system will inform you and you can do something about it. The same goes for detecting diseased trees in an orchard before there’s an epidemic."

"...with insights obtained from companies such as SeeTree, growers will be able to uncover problems, determine how to solve them, and assess the ROI for each action taken."

"The idea behind the company, which also has offices in California and Brazil, is that in the past, drone-based precision agriculture hasn’t really lived up to its promise and didn’t work all that well for permanent crops like fruit trees."