SeeTree, a leading player in the agriculture tech space, was founded in August 2017 by former intelligence officers and serial entrepreneurs to bring technology disruption into the world of farming.
The company is based in Tel Aviv with offices in California and Brazil, and has 40 employees including global experts in artificial intelligence and agronomy. SeeTree offers farmers an end-to-end service to manage and optimize the health and productivity of their trees.

The Team

Barak Hachamov
Co-Founder & Chairman
Israel Talpaz
Co-Founder & CEO
Guy Morgenstern
C0-Founder & CTO
Oren Tal
Ori Shachar
Chief Science Officer
Amir Harel
Head of SW development
Tzafi Erlich
Michael Burns
US Customer Success
Udi Landau
Expert Agronomist
Phd. Dori Reichman
Senior AI & Data Scientist
Meytal Cohen
Head of Remote
Agronomy Center
Eitan Sela
Lead Agronomy Sensing
Philip Bar Lev
Flight Team Leader
Yael Goldman
Agronomy Analyst
Amitay Gilad
Head of Design
Farhana Rahman
Marketing Director
Assaf Dvora
AI & Data Scientist
Eran Gornat
Project Manager
Yuval Yablonek
Senior Ranger
Chen Kornizer
Data Analyst
Daniel Ayalon
Brazil Project Manager
Nimrod Rosenberg
Drone Operator
Maksym Kozak
Full Stack Developer
Yael Biton
Data Analyst
Aviv Harash
HW Engineer
Bruria Feldbrin
HR and Operation
Vitaliy Krutitskiy
Full Stack Developer
Ehud Ambar
Product Manager
Arieh Copelan
Data scientist
Maayan Asis
Data Analyst
Guy Rozenbaum
Data Analyst
Gal Magen
Omri Musafia
Data Analyst
Andriy Kravets
Android Developer
Dan Soibelman
Drone Operator